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What we do really well

What we do really well.

  • Structure short term residential construction financing for home builders including single family homes, multi-family units and small apartment complexes. This also entails renovation projects encompassing the purchase and restoration of existing properties.
  • Work with intelligent builders and renovators with economically viable construction projects. We offer up to 75% loan to value based on market appraisal.
  • Lending for land acquisitions, bridge financing and equity financing.

What we don’t do.

  • Evaluate your loan solely on income. Our lending is based on the project’s equity. First and second mortgages are secured by your land and project.
  • Penalize you for pre-payment. We’ll just say ‘thanks.’
  • Turn you down because you have no pre-sales, no new home warranty or not giving you credit for ‘sweat equity’ in the project.
  • Subject you to reams of applications, make you wait weeks for reviews and verifications, or entice you with a free toaster.

There are many advantages to working with Builders Capital.
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